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  • If you have been training for MMA for some time, and you've lastly scheduled your first MMA combat, then best wishes! You've done more than most close to you. However you'll want to change your game up completely. In the past, you were creating your foundation for strategies and building up. At this moment with the initial fight coming up, you have to start working on applying them straight in the direction of victory in the ring. If you considered that you had a good base and had a few distinct training happening, now you have to adjust and customize it toward your particular challenger.

    You must begin working in the direction of peak fitness for your next MMA fight. You might have been experiencing standard exercises and base fitness to really make it through your routines, but fighting is often a much different story. Based on the time you've got till the first fight, (if possible 8-16 weeks) it is best to begin periodizing, or constructing, your conditioning system to optimize control and balance, base strength and endurance, and finally amazing vitality.

    In case you have arranged your first MMA fight, then you together with your own instructors possibly have lots of confidence in your fundamental approaches as well as your capability to use them. Nevertheless, now you need to take a look at the other guy for your first MMA Fight and discover precisely what are his good and bad points. Is he a seasoned kickboxer or perhaps a black belt in Jujitsu? Try to calculate how he'll be attacking you in your MMA fight and understand how to defend against it. Attempt to put him in a posture where you are going to be superior, but be ready for him to take advantage of your weak points. MMA Results If you are not a submission master, work your takedown defense and floor escapes.

    From now until the time of your MMA combat, you must stay focused, but at the same time, tranquil. Stay intense and anxious about your combat, however don't worry so much that you freeze once the ref starts off the match. A lot of MMA combats are won or lost before a fighter gets into the cage. Numerous fighters tense up, ponder a lot, and do not know the right way to behave properly. That is the kiss of death. Obtain a massage the day previous to the MMA fight. Do what you require to ensure that your head is there yet not exhausted from all the hard work.